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Très agréable et chaleureuse
Valérie a été très à l'écoute de notre projet , elle a très bien compris nos besoins et ce que nous recherchions. Ses compétences et son expérience ont été d’une aide très précieuse dans la recherche de notre maison.
De plus, Valerie est très agréable et chaleureuse, cela nous a apporté beaucoup de confiance à ma femme et moi. Elle nous a accompagnés dans toutes les démarches.
Merci à toi Valérie de nous avoir aidé, soutenu et suivi dans notre projet.

Alice & Fabien
Collaboration with Valerie
I had the opportunity to work with Valerie on several transactions. She is very knowledgeable, organized and structured in her process. She was capable of finding solutions for any issues that occurred during the transaction. Valerie has a the mastery to negotiate any conditions to her clients benefits. I highly recommend her services to put all the chances on your side.
Carmine Padula
Only work with the best!
Valérie is an amazing agent. She sold our condo in record time for over asking! Everything from photos, to the listing, open house, to helping us find our new home. Valérie always made herself available and always protected us. She made sure everything was taken care of from A to Z. Such a pleasure to work with a professional like her. We highly recommend her.
Très attentive dès notre premier contact
Val a été très attentive dès notre premier contact. Elle a été à l'écoute de nos besoins et a su nous référer rapidement vers les bonnes personnes pour obtenir notre prêt hypothécaire. Disponible en tout temps et réponds rapidement à nos messages et interrogations. Elle a parcouru de longues distances pour nous aider à dénicher notre perle rare. Nous te remercions Val pour ton aide lors de l'achat de notre première maison grâce à toi nous sommes aujourd'hui des propriétaires. Je te recommande xmille
It was a pleasure working with Valerie
It was a pleasure working with Valerie. She was attentive to our needs , answered all our questions and always answered our phone calls promptly. She helped us find what we were looking for immediately. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for their perfect home . We would love to work with her in the near future. She is the best at what she does . Thank you Valerie 
Tina et Valentino
Disponible et à l’écoute de mes besoins et attentes
Valérie m'a été référé par une amie et elle a été superbe pour la recherche et l'achat de ma copropriété.
Son service a été exceptionnel!
Tout au long de la transaction, elle a été disponible et à l’écoute de mes besoins et attentes. Elle reste toujours disponible même après mon achat si jamais j' ai des questions.
Je la recommande fortement!
Merci pour tout Valérie
We would highly recommend Valerie!
We had the pleasure of working with Valerie and had the best possible experience throughout the process.
We found her during our condo search while inquiring about a listing, and she reached out right away.
She was extremely responsive, knowledgeable and very patient. She was always available to answer our questions and to show us the apartment any time we asked for it.
She was a pleasure to work with and we are extremely happy with our purchase.
Whether you are looking to sell or buy we would highly recommend Valerie!
Heidi & Dominic
The service was truly exceptional
Valerie was referred to us by a friend to sell our home. The service was truly exceptional. From the photos, home staging to open house she was always available and a pleasure to work with. Sold our property in record time for over asking! She always listened to us and guided us so we can take the best decision for our specific needs. We highly recommend her !!

Valerie is a true professional
Looking for a place was special, considering everything that was on the market would only be available a few days before being sold. We met Valerie through a referral and what a great experience. We got to buy a beautiful new home in a great neighborhood for a good price! She took care of everything from A to Z. Valerie is a true professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you Val!

I highly recommend her
Valérie has been great from our first call up until the purchase of the building.

She is still present today 4month after the purchase

She listened to my needs and found the perfect building for me (6plex in Rosemont).

I will work again with her for my next investment.

I highly recommend her.
Thanks again Valérie
Purchase of Multiplex
I recently multiplex and this has been one of my best experiences in Real Estate. Valerie was always there, reachable and very helpful is solving any issue that came along. I am looking forward to work with her in the future and I strongly recommend her services.
Ervin Troshani
Honnête et fiable ! Merci Valérie
Valerie a été patiente professionnelle et à l’écoute de nos demandes et besoins. Valérie est une personne attentive et a répondu à toutes nos questions. Elle nous a donné toutes les informations nécéssaire pour prendre une décision éclairée. Nous la recommandons fortement pour toute vente ou achat immobilier
Robert khalife
Très bon service
Très bon service, merci Valérie!
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